Sunday, July 8, 2012

Finally Finished!

Hello, we had a hope of some rain today, but I think it moved past us.  The temps were cooler the 90s and upper 80s this evening.  We did get a few sprinkles yesterday.  I'm thankful for both.

This afternoon I finished the baby afghan I've been working on.  I finished it 10 minutes before the evening service at church.  Luckily I only live 3-4 minutes away, so I made in on time... pretty much.  :)

This little afghan is made from super bulky baby blanket yarn.  It is so soft!

Here is a close up of the yarn.

Here is the finished product.


My car is out of commission. I tried cranking it and it made a RuRn sound and nothing happened.  My battery is fully charged.  David thinks it may be the starter.  So... the thing will be back in the shop once again... thankfully it is still under warranty.


I hope your weekend  went well and wish you an awesome Monday. :)

God bless and keep you,

Beauty of Giving