Saturday, March 10, 2012

Praise the LORD!

Just a quick note, as I'm going down for the count... yawn...

This morning, my dad put on his artificial limb and walked out of his room, down to the nurses station, back past his room, to the waiting room, then back to his room.    The nurses and the doctor all saw him do so and were amazed.    He could not do so, any other day this past week.  

Last night, I dreamed my Dad called me by name, like in he did before his surgery.  That happened this afternoon, I was off to the side of his bed, looking at some flowers, when he called me by name and asked me move his table, with is water on it, closer so he could get a drink.   He was able to stay focused and carry on a conversation tonight as well.

Many prayers have been going up on my dad's behalf.   God confirmed, to me the first week after his surgery,  my dad was going to make it and today I saw evidence of it.     Praise Be!

Just wanted to share that with you.

Hope you have a beautiful Sunday!

Good night.

God bless and keep you,

Beauty of Giving