Saturday, March 3, 2012

Catching up...

I've got a lot to share this evening.  :)



I called my mom today and asked how dad was doing.    He was hungry today and asking for chicken or fish, a chocolate milkshake and said he would even eat soup with crackers, if they would let him eat.  He was also able to talk to my little sister on the phone and had enough strength in his arms and hands that he could wipe his mouth with a napkin.  Praise the LORD!   Yesterday he was awake enough to let us know when he needed help, but nothing like today.  :)  Thank you all for your prayer support!



Today, my daughter and I spent the afternoon flea marketing.  We decided to head east and shopped the Russellville area.  

During my stay with mom at the hospital over the last three weeks, she and I would take a break from the hospital and went to a flea market or two in the Fort Smith and Alma areas.

Here are my flea market finds.

The plates are for my living room wall.

The old snuff bottle, reminds me of the my grandma Stricklin.   She had spitting in a spittoon down to an art.

I found the vintage eyewash cup and thought it was cool.

Today I found the antique whisk. I think the handle use to be red, as there is a little red paint still on it.  It will hang in my kitchen.

The patchwork tote was bought to carry my finds. :)

I also found some yarn, but have used most of it in a scarf and will use the rest in a scripture block.



During our time in ICU, waiting rooms and finally with dad in his regular room at the hospital,  mom and I did a lot of crocheting and some sewing, between times of trying to wake dad up and visits with the doctors and such.

Here's what I got done.

2 scarves... the purple scarf is made from Vanna's Choice yarn, I found at flea market.  The other is made from yarn left overs.

1 small flower candle mat, made from yarn left overs.

1 pot holder made from yarn left overs.

3 dish clothes

1 table runner, square doily, bracelet and ring.

3 scripture afghan blocks.

Here are some cathedral blocks, I stitched together.  I worked on this in short increments of time, in between everything else, as holding the needle too long would cramp my hand.  I plan to add some borders and make it a wall hanging.


On my way to Fort Smith, over the past few weeks, I saw a red bird three times. I got to wondering if there was an old wives tale about red birds, and as there are old wives tales about most things, there is one about red birds.
"If you see a red bird, you will see someone you are not expecting to see."

Wouldn't you know it, I saw three people I did not expect to see at the hospital. Go figure. :)



As I left the house yesterday morning, I noticed my daffodils had bloomed...

and a beautiful white tree, in the pasture across the road.


I guess that's it.   I think I have caught you up with what's been going on with me and mine.

Have a great Sunday!

God bless and keep you all!

Beauty of Giving