Saturday, April 16, 2011

Treasures found

Well.. today was a day of  "treasure hunting" and discovering new areas. 

Didn't find much with the Big To Do on HWY22, but we ( my husband, daughter and I) took some other highways too and traveled north, west and back east again. 

Even wound up in Oklahoma at one point.   Go down a road you've never been down before and the next thing you know, you've crossed the state line.  Then, instead of stopping and turning around, you find another way back.  That is a treasure in itself for me.  Discovering new places, whether it be a new town, or a new way to get somewhere.

Some other treasures I found today...

 I found this cute fellow and thought he would do well in my flower bed.

 This cute little critter is cast iron and will hold my front door open
on those sunny Spring days.

 and I received this pleasant surprise in the mail.  
I plan to make a miniature quilt with it.


One day left for the poll on the Best Shop Hop Quilt.  
I will post the results tomorrow.


Here's wishing you all a wonderful Sunday!

God bless and keep you,

Beauty of Giving