Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Adios Compadres

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Spring has sprung with a mix of warm and cold days.  One day last week, I woke to a warm morning, this morning there was frost on my husband’s car and it was downright chilly.

Spring is always a tough time for me, actually spring and fall.  Why?  Well… Spring fever kicks in during the early part of the year and Holiday fever kicks in at the end of the year.   Each fever has me unsettled. 

For example, today as I sat in my cubicle, trying to do my job, my mind was either in my sewing area or my writing area.  I was not focused on work. 

I get so antsy during this time that it takes all the self control I have to stay at work.  I would like nothing more than to shut down my computer and say “Adios Compadres, it’s been nice working with you, but I have better things to do!”

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Since Easter will be here soon... thought I'd share a video with you.
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