Sunday, April 3, 2011

Are we still on the purple road?

The 2011 Spring Fab Shop Hop in Arkansas.

Charlotte, Debbie and I left Paris around 7 a.m and headed toward Bentonville, AR.  Charlotte drove and I was shotgun, so I was the GPS watchdog (squirrel!)...  Debbie sat in the back enjoying the ride.

The color purple was my signal of where we (little blue flashing dot) should be.  It seemed every time I took my eye off the "purple road" (squirrel!) we would no longer be on the road we were supposed to be on.  We would be on a yellow road or no road at all, according to the GPS.

As soon as I would notice this fact, I would state "We are off the purple road" and we would have to turn around.  So we jigged and jagged a few times.  I will say we did have about 4-5 shops we made it to without leaving the purple road. 

We started with Sew A Stitch in Bentonville.  There was a festival and a marathon going on, so that little town was hoppin'.  We got our passports and had them stamped.  We had to get the passports stamped at each shop and each shop made a quilt for the shop hop.   The quilts were all of the same pattern but each one was different.  I am showing the Shop Signs and the quilts they made for the hop tonight.  I will post other pics tomorrow.

We managed to get all eight shops visited, ending with Mama's Log House in Huntington, AR.  We drove over 330 miles round trip and this girl was exhausted by the end of the day but had a blast gettin' there. :)

 So... here are some of the pics I took of our shop hop adventure.

Sew A Stitch - shop hop quilt

The Rabbits Lair - shop hop quilt

Country House Quilting - shop hop quilt

The Quilt Corner - shop hop quilt

Sager Creek Quilts - shop hop quilt

Just for fun Fabrics - shop hop quilt

Crooked Creek Quilts - shop hop quilt

Mama's Log House - shop hop quilt

I have a poll posted on the side, at the top.   Please vote for the Best Shop Hop Quilt.
The poll will end in 2 weeks on 4/17/11.   I will post the results then.  Please share the news with your followers and ask them to vote too.

Well... I guess that's it for tonight.   I wish you all a wonderful week ahead!

God bless and keep you,

Beauty of Giving