Monday, April 25, 2011

An Awesome Celebration

Last night I was blessed beyond words by the Easter drama that was held at First Baptist Branch, AR.   The people involved sang their hearts out and played their parts to the glory of God.  I took lots of pics but only about 20 turned out.  I will be sharing a few with you this evening.   If I could describe the drama in one word it would be Awesome.

It started out with John the Baptist preaching in the wilderness.

Here, John the Baptist just baptized Jesus and God the Father shining down spoke "This is my Son, in whom I am well pleased".

Then Jesus teaches in the temple.

He performs many miracles.

Here, a blind man gets healed.

The chief centurion's son is sick and dying.  

Here, he goes to Jesus and is told because of his faith, his son will live and he does.

The play continues on with Jesus arriving and the people waving palm leaves and singing His praises.

Here, two centurions are discussing if Jesus is truly the Messiah.  One believes He is; the other is not so sure.

Then the winds change and the very people, who were praising Jesus name, have turned against Him.

They condemn Him to die.

They nail Him to a cross, raise it and set it in the ground, jarring His body that is already beaten beyond recognition and pierced.   All this and He suffered without complaint and asked God the Father to forgive us for what we do.  Think about it, every time we sin, now, in the past and in the future, Jesus Christ felt that on the cross, but He still asked for our forgiveness.

With a loud voice He cried out "Father, into Thy hands I commend my spirit!" and gave up the ghost.  (Luke 23:46)

(note:  one of the cool things that happened while the drama went on... a storm blew in and thunder clapped right at the moment of the cross being stood up, for this scene.  I like to think God was helping out with the production.)

Here, Jesus is taken down from the cross and buried in a tomb that is sealed off.

Then guards are put in place to watch over the tomb.

Sounds like the end to a story doesn't it?  Guess what... the story is just beginning!

 Jesus said He would rise again in three days.

Well, on the third day, an angel of God shows up, the entire guard falls  out, and the angel opens up the tomb.

Here's the awesome part,
Jesus lives!!

Now that's something to celebrate!!

The drama continued on with Mary finding the tomb empty and running back to tell the disciples and then speaking to Jesus without knowing who He was until He said "Mary".  She knew then it was Jesus because she knew His voice. 

The disciples also saw Him after His resurrection and that centurion who wasn't sure if He was the Messiah or not... well he did believe in the end.



I crocheted this ring yesterday afternoon and then finished it up with the cross and heart this evening.



Today was another stormy day.  We evacuated to the tornado rally points at work today because there was one heading our way but we were blessed that it missed us.

We are under a river flood warning until Wednesday afternoon.  There is more rain coming in tomorrow too, so it could get pretty interesting.   


This is what it looked like in my neighborhood this afternoon.



Have a terrific Tuesday!  
If you are in the rainy, boggy areas, stay safe and dry.

God bless and keep you,

Beauty of Giving