Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Oh Robin Hood.... where for art thou?

I had the house all to myself this evening and decided to watch a Robin Hood movie that came on t.v.   
I've always liked the story of Robin Hood.  

What is it about that dashing outlaw that robs the rich to pay the poor? 
What is it that draws people to the story?    

Any thoughts? 


Thought for the day: 

Make an excellent choice and watch the ripple effect of blessing.
from Our Daily Bread Devotional Journal  © 2007,2008,2010 by RBC Ministries.  



Take a 3 day "media fast".  
That means no radio, no TV,  break away from all non-work related computer activities.
Yes... that means blogging too. :)

Do it and see what happens.

I will be doing this beginning 12:00 AM Friday morning, 1/28/11. 
I have a feeling I will be twitching in withdrawals.  Quite frankly... I am an internet junkie.  

If I'm not blogging, I'm on Facebook, Modernroots or researching for a project I'm working on... all the while catching up with friends on instant messaging.  So this will be a challenge for me most assuredly.
If you do take the challenge... comment and let me know how it goes. 
I will be posting my results Monday evening, 1/31/11.


Until next time... God bless and keep you! 


Beauty of Giving