Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Getting out of the safe box...

What a great way to start a day...

A chocolate cappuccino and a devotional.

Today, I decided to step out of my "safe quilting box" and work with some blocks I acquired last week.  The measurement on the bag, the blocks where in, said they were 6 1/2 inch blocks.

I could tell they were more or less than that.  Each block was roughly cut and there were different types of material used too.  But I decided to use them as they were.  I'm trying to break free from the rules of making sure each piece is the same size, same type of fabric blend, etc.  I want to do a scrappy quilt for my daughter and though I know I will use the same fabric blends throughout her quilt, for the type of quilt she wants, I need to be able to not get hung up with the sizes of the pieces used.

Here is a close up of a block to give you an idea of what I was working with.

Here is the center of the quilt top. You can see it is a little wonky.

I took several of the blocks left and sewed them end to end making a long line of blocks and will trim them down to border the piece.  I'm not going to try to match the seams as I border it, to help with the wonkiness of the piece.

I know this is a baby step, but I've been in the "safe quilting box" my entire quilting life (since 2001)...  Except for the one time I went home from work totally put out... that time I sewed a lot of strips together, cut them up, sewed them together again, cut them up again, and did it all one more time. My frustration and anger was gone and it turned out pretty.  You might remember it...

It was done with a lot of high emotion and not much thinking.  But I honestly don't want to have to get mad or upset to get out of the "safe quilting box" each time.  So, I will continue to integrate broken quilting rules in my quilts, until I get the hang of it.  :)


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