Monday, December 21, 2015

Jump start...

Where has the time gone?

This week I'm able to slow down and relax.  I have all my handmade projects for Christmas done, my home is decorated thanks to my daughter, and my son is home to spend Christmas with us this week.

In all the hubbub and stress of life, I have let the reason for the season slip behind all the tinsel and glitter, the songs I was trying to use to bring on the Christmas spirit within my self, the decorations and gifts, letting all that "stuff" clamor to front of my life and letting the One true reason for my joy to be pushed to the background.

I attended two services celebrating Christmas.  The Christmas that is focused on Christ. Jesus Christ, the Savior of the world.  This, is what I needed.  A jump start you might say, a kick in my Christmas merriment, to get me back on track.  I realized I had gotten my priorities mixed up.

I realized too that I had let all the "stuff" get in the way of my blog.  This is the first I've written anything since Thanksgiving, I think.

I'm truly sorry for that.

As I left work today I noticed the moon hanging big in the sky, reminding me of the wonder around me.


My nineteen year old is saying "let's have Monday Christmas" as she looks at her brother.  I'm tickled because he commented back "I'll be here on Christmas day too."  It's nice to hear the banter between the two.

As usual, we caved and the kids opened two gifts. We have done that so much over the years that it just happens now, that some gifts are exchanged early. It all started on my and David's first Christmas together and we just kept it up.

UPDATE on my Dad:  My dad is doing better in the past week.  He walked 35 feet one day and has been sketching ships.  He still doesn't know who I am most of the time but he is being more responsive.

The new year will be here soon and I'm thinking of revamping my blog as it seems to be hard for me to update all the pages, but I will think on it and then decide.

well I'm getting side tracked with the kids playing a game.

I'll be back soon,

Beauty of Giving