Monday, October 26, 2015

Simple changes

I went to see my dad today.  He has been moved to another hospital to try to get his medications leveled out.

He knew who I was today.   That in itself is a wonderful thing.


I finally got my Autumn decorations up.  I decided to go simple this year and not put up as much stuff as I normally do.  
Simple table
piano cont. 

I made an Autumn ornament and put it with a simple setting on my cedar chest.

This weekend I noticed one of the trees across the road from my house is beginning to turn.  I was happy to see it, because it seems a lot of trees in this area are brown.  It was windy, so my picture isn't the clearest but you can see some of the color change.

There is something else I have been working on.  A Bible study journal.  

I took an old journal I had for a class in the past.  It was one that I had gotten and started using at the end of a semester, so it hadn't been used much.

This will help me keep everything in one place.
 I have these sections.
1. Memory Verses
2. Bible Notes
3. Prayer
4. Ideas for blog
5. Personal Experiences (Spirit Led)
6. Inspirations, Quotes

I guess that's it for now.

Until next time, 

Beauty of Giving