Friday, June 5, 2015


Hi, thought I would share with you my treasures for this week.  I will signify them with a <> shape.

My work week was busy but it went fast, so I won't complain. :) <>

 Early in the week, I noticed the Asiatic Lilies were blooming. <>

I think they are pretty.

Then on Tuesday, the newsman said we had a full strawberry moon. <>  I of course had to take a picture and look that up.

It turns out, and you may already know this, but it turns out it got its name from the Algonquin tribe who used it to know when to gather ripening fruit.  I learned this little tidbit from  check it out for more information.

On Wednesday I caught this beautiful sunset on camera. <>

I can say this week has been blessed with beauty.

Thursday, I had an eye opening bible study at lunch.  Read more about it on the tab titled "My Walk". <>

I also received a call that my dad was taken to the hospital with a possible stroke.  He is still in the hospital having tests run.  He is clear minded and talking clearly but has lost all strength in his hands and legs. He is very positive mentally and spiritually.  Please lift him up in your prayers.  My husband also started running fever around midnight and is not feeling ill.  Please also pray for him.

Today, we had a potluck at work, due to one of our team members leaving for a better work opportunity.

So, since I munched off and on throughout the morning, I wasn't hungry at lunch.  I spent my lunch break wandering through a flea market in town.

I found this little treasure. <> A Weave-It in its original box, with the original pamphlet and instructions sheet.  The frame is made of wood with a series of triple prong sets placed all around the frame.

I did some research to find out the age of it.  I entered the patent number and the manufacturer.  I found it was patented in 1935, and this type frame was sold from the late 30's through early 50's.  I call it a treasure because I only paid $1.75 for it.  It's in great shape and I'm going to try using it and see what I come up with.

Well, that's my week in a nutshell.  :)  Don't forget to check "My Walk".

Have a great weekend!

Beauty of Giving