Sunday, January 18, 2015

Happy Birthday!

Today was my mother's birthday.


I thought peanut butter cookies would be good and took some over to share with her and dad for her birthday.

I tried my hand at crocheting a ruffle scarf for her birthday gift.  You can see a picture of it on the Crochet Etc. tab.  The color is one of Mom's favorite.

Then as I was getting a birthday card ready for her, the front of the card separated from the back.  So I decided to make her card.

I used the front that came off the original card. The watercolor picture was done by Elizabeth Glass.  I think it is a very pretty picture.

David gave me some calligraphy pens for Christmas and I decided to write my own message for the card.  I added lace and a bow with buttons and put my signature on the back.

I know that I mentioned in an earlier blog that I would be working on the lime colored quilt to get it done... I have been, but it is not done yet.  I have Monday off and plan on finishing it up.  So hopefully tomorrow I will have a picture of it to show you.

Hope all is going well for you and yours.


Beauty of Giving