Sunday, January 11, 2015

Changing it up...

Hi, it has been a very cold and wet day.  It started out with ice.  YUCK!

I really don't like cold and ice.

Anyway... besides staying warm, I've been working on a shirt of mine.  It was a little too short in the length for my tastes and the sleeves were between 3/4 and full length, so I decided I would try to change it up a bit and fix those things.  If it didn't work out I would cut it up and use it for something else.

Here's the shirt to begin with.

I decided to add a collar, front and back flaps to lengthen it, and cuffs to the sleeves, to wear rolled up or down.   It has a scoop neck and I think a string of pearls will go nicely with it.  :)

Well, I nee to ge a cu o coffee an tynol...
that's yawn-ese for I need to get a cup of coffee and extra strength Tylenol for a headache that is coming on. :)

I have updated the Crochet tab and the My Walk tab.

Here's wishing you a good night's sleep and a great day tomorrow.


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