Wednesday, December 24, 2014

My Christmas Week...

I had a nice surprise on Monday when my son, Joshua, came home for Christmas a day earlier than expected.

The days this week have been like old times.   I come home from work and hear guitars playing or a game going on.  So my Christmas thus far has already been wonderful.

Yesterday when I got home there were a lot of little black birds in the trees and I wondered what they knew that I didn't.  If they knew snow was on its way or something.

But on the way home today, there was no evidence of snow... just cold wind.   We went ahead and did our gift exchange with Josh and Audre this evening, so that we aren't rushed in the morning.  

So I'm home this evening, ready for my day off tomorrow.   Christmas day!  We get to spend time with both sides of the family, so it will be an all day event of good food, laughter and joy of watching the little one's opening their gifts.   

Let me share with you the desk my husband made for Josh.  It breaks down into four pieces so that he can easily transport it in his car.  Josh was very pleased with it.  It is a solid piece of furniture and will last him for years.

Elvis, who greets me every morning, has taken Josh being here in stride.  The two have had their time of wrestling and play over the years and he hasn't missed a beat with Josh this week.  I'm happy to say he no longer tries to take the Christmas tree out, like he did when he was little.  Elvis has been part of our family for around 13 years.

I think that catches me up for now.

From my family to yours....

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