Wednesday, December 17, 2014


On the way home this evening it was cold and rainy.  Dreary to be sure, but I had a nice surprise when I got home.   My Christmas decorations were up and alight for the first time this Christmas season.  I went in, got my camera, and took a picture.

The first drink I made myself, after getting in the house, was a cup of hot cocoa.   The perfect thing after work on a cold day.

The movie "A Christmas Carol" was on... it was about halfway through, but I watched the remainder of the movie.  It's a classic after all.  :)

I'm finally beginning to feel better, and am to a point where I think I can relax.  Everything for Christmas is done.  Things are settling down at work.... until after the first of new year, then in a month or so... back to the crazy "hamster wheel".

So I'm going to try to enjoy the next couple of weeks.

I want to show you my new Christmas stocking.  My friend, Judy B. made it and I have it hanging proudly in place of my old one.

I've updated the following tabs.
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- Giveaways
- Quilts
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