Wednesday, January 8, 2014



That word describes my part of the world today.

A front is moving through, dropping freezing rain/drizzle and putting enough ice on the road that there have been a lot of wrecks on the roads.

A friend of mine had a 5+ hour trip home today because of having to stop for wrecks on the interstate.  He only works 45 or so minutes from home... talk about a long trip home.  

It took me twice as long to get home this afternoon.  My key word for travel today was SLOW.

A school bus, with children, flipped on its side today but thankfully no one was injured.

If I could afford to do so, I would be a "snow bird" or in this case an "ice bird" and head deeper south before this cold icy business started up.

Deep south in the winter and north in the summer... yep, I think that would work well for me.

I hope you are home safe and warm this evening.


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