Saturday, November 16, 2013

Slowing down...

As I wait for lunch to get done, I thought I'd write to you.

Have you ever had an opportunity to slow down, when you really hadn't intended to?

That's what happened to me yesterday afternoon, on my way home.  I got in line with four huge farm vehicles.  I had three in front of me and one behind me.

As we clipped down the highway at 20-25 mph, I sang with the radio, adjusted the jingles on my mirror charm, and then took this picture.

Didn't I say they were huge?  Look, it took up the whole road!  :)

Anyway, I took it as an opportunity to chill out and relax a little before I got home.  I like to think it was a small gift from the Lord.  Even though I was in my car, I had those two miles at low speed to praise the Lord and enjoy the ride.


I'm thankful for the those small gifts, we are provided everyday.


Well, my lunch is done and I need to sign off.

Until next time...

God bless and keep you,

Beauty of Giving