Monday, July 8, 2013

Day of Peace...

“Lord whatever this heavy feeling is, take it away and help me to be strong and faithful to You.”

This morning there was static or disquiet in my soul.  I whispered the words above, pleading for release from that bondage. 

As I drove to work, down the winding road through sleepy communities with fields in between of corn and bean, a peace came over me.   I saw the road before me with many cracks that need to be filled and many others that have been, creating a spider web effect across the road.  

How so like life, I thought.  

We go through times of “cracks” so often in our life and if we cry out to God, He answers.  Maybe not right when you want Him to, but He does answer at the right time when we truly need it and He never lets us go through more than we can handle.    As I continued on my way, the last 15 minutes of my commute was spent in the presence of Jehovah.   What a precious way to restart my day.

Here’s wishing you a day of peace!

God bless and keep you,


Beauty of Giving