Wednesday, May 12, 2010

In honor of our freedom protectors

     Far away in a distant land is a warrior protecting me and all I know, love and live for. He serves with dedication.
     At times he is weary and worn from the long hard day he has endured but that does not squelch his dedication.
     He is strong, strong in spirit and in body. Though heat of day bears down on him, he perseveres. Though the cold of night may catch him, he continues on.

     You may ask, Is he a man of integrity?
In my mind he is.
      Is he a man of honor?
In my mind he is.
      Is he man of passion?
In my mind he is.
      Is he a man of compassion?
In my mind he is.
      Is this warrior real?
Yes, he is very real.

      Every morning and night I pray for him. It may be unhealthy but it seems he is in my thoughts most of the time of late. Maybe it’s because he needs protection or maybe it’s more…something of a higher level or reason. If so; I have him covered in prayer and am with him in thought and in spirit.
      This warrior; I call him friend.

Beauty of Giving