Sunday, January 3, 2016

What is it?

My day started out rough with headache, sick stomach, and feeling achy.   Still not doing so well, but thought I'd write a little, instead of going back to bed, since I've already spent several hours in bed. I need to sit up for a while.

I accomplished my last goal for 2015 at 5:40 a.m on December 31st.

I have set one goal so far for this year and have started on it.  I am going to read my Bible all the way through again this year but using a different format and taking more time with it, answering the following questions as I go through the passages.  I got these questions from the Bible study notes in my Bible.  Feel free to use these in your personal Bible study.

  1. What is the main subject?
  2. Who is revealed?
    1. Who is speaking?
    2. Who is being spoken about?
    3. Who is acting?
  3. What is the key verse?
  4. What is taught about Jesus Christ?
  5. Does the passage reveal any sin for me to confess or forsake?
  6. Does the passage reveal a command for me to obey?
  7. Is there a promise I can claim?
  8. Is there any instructions for me to follow?
I may not be able to put an answer in for each question on every passage I read, but it is a good guideline for me to follow.

Okay, let me share with you a couple of things I have received in the past month.

At the last quilt guild meeting (the Logan County PieceMakers quilt guild Christmas party) I recieved blocks from all the members that were present as a thank you for being president for the past two years.  This was a true blessing to me and I have to say the group is a great bunch of people to be involved with.  I am going to take the blocks back with me to this month's meeting and ask everyone to make sure their blocks are signed and dated for me.

One day my husband gave me this.   "What is it?"

How cool is that?

The pen writes good, it is ergonomic so that my hand doesn't cramp when doing a lot of writing and the refills are stick pen cartridges.  I think it is just pretty cool.

This weekend I had planned on doing a winter wall hanging of swirling snow for my cubicle.  Yesterday I did a water color of it first to see if that is really what I wanted to do and decided I wanted something more substantial for the wall hanging.  So I decided to do a landscape winter scene.  I hope to have something so show of it soon.

Have you started a new project this year?


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