Thursday, February 6, 2014

Thursday Favorite

I have thought about Thursday Favorite throughout the day and it was hard for me to decide what to write about, so I opted to write about all that came to me today and brought a smile to my face.

Let me begin with ice.
Microsoft clipart, seriously?

I know... I complain about the ice and totally dislike it for making road trips hazardous and for taking out the electricity when a tree limb is over laden with ice, braking and taking out a power line.  But, as I drove to work this morning, the sun was hitting the ice on the tree branches so that they glistened like crystal.  It was as if I was driving through a crystal forest.  Then, later in the morning, snow started falling and I thought how pretty it looked as it floated on the wind.  There is always, it seems, something beautiful to see in nature.  Like the small flock of red birds that took flight as I drew near on the way home this evening.

Microsoft clipart
Then, something even better happened.  I was shown pictures of a beautiful baby boy.  One of the young ladies I work with gave birth to a healthy baby boy on Tuesday.  His is a doll!

Have you ever noticed how the atmosphere in a room changes when a newborn is brought in or pictures of the newborn is presented?  Soft exclamations of "ooh and ah" and "how precious" are heard by those close by or excited exclamations of "oh how cute!" heard down the hall to another office, bringing out others to see the preciousness being exclaimed about.

It's those little moments, those subtle nuances that touch our daily lives, we need to cherish and keep close to the heart, for without them our life would be bleak indeed.


Beauty of Giving