Sunday, October 20, 2013


Hello, I trust you are having a beautiful weekend.  :)

Today, I'm feeling run down, congested and with a sinus headache... I only tell you that to share the blessing I had this morning.

At my church there are two huge banners hanging on the walls of the sanctuary, one on each side.  The banners are there for people to write a blessing they have or the reason for the blessing.

Feeling the way I feel today, I wasn't feeling blessed and didn't really have the energy to participate much in way of singing and such. But as I listened to the other voices lifted in praise, I knew that no matter how I feel, the Lord still blesses.  I know that because I was blessed by the harmony lifted up in praise.

That's how blessings are.  Some are huge unforgettable blessings like a healing of a sickness; others are smaller like the harmony of voices lifted in praise.  No matter the size or type of blessing, a blessing is always touching and significant for that moment in your life.

I pray I never lose sight of the blessings I'm given.


The leaves are beginning to change color here in Arkansas.  I hope we have a beautiful showing of Autumn colors this year.

Here are a couple of pictures I took in my neighborhood.  The colors aren't very bright yet, but I hope they get that way.

Well, the sinus pill I took is kicking in and I'm getting drowsy.  I'll sign off for now.

Have a beautiful day!

God bless and keep you,

Beauty of Giving