Saturday, May 4, 2013

Did I really see that...?

It has been a couple of cold and dreary days but that doesn't mean they have been blah and mundane.  :)

Here are some new blooms I have in my flower bed.

I was able to work on the Log Cabin quilt today.  Little by little (literally) I'm getting it done.

I heard on the radio last week about a new thrift shop in our area.  The Mustard Seed thrift shop in Ft. Smith, AR.   So, we went to check it out earlier today.    Little did I know I would see an unusual site on the way.

What?  Did I really see that...?

This car passed by and this is what we saw.  I, of course, couldn't pass up taking a photo.    David was able to get along side of them and get their attention.  They pulled over to take care of it.  There's no telling how long they had been driving like that.

One of the places we went to today was Books-A-Million and lo and behold there was a Star Wars promotion going on.  We were greeted by these Storm Troopers and Jawa.  :)

Finally we made it to the Mustard Seed thrift shop.   I found two blouses and a set of rubber stamps, all for under $10.

Later, after arriving home, I noticed the sun going down and the rain was moving out.  So I stepped outside and took a pic.

A nice end to the running around.

There are a couple of projects I need to get done within the next couple of weeks to take to the next quilt guild meeting.  The guild I belong to, The Logan County PieceMakers, is helping out with this regions Quilt Congress this year.   Here's what I have to get done.
  • 4 Wool felt needle cases 
  • One door prize (I haven't decided, but I think I will do a tote bag, maybe using one of the wool felt bags I found at Hancock's a couple of weeks ago)
I guess that's all I have for now.

I leave you with a quote from Henry Ward Beecher.
~This life is not all.  It is an "unfinished symphony"...with those who know that they are related to God and have felt "the power of an endless life."~

God bless and keep you,

Beauty of Giving