Monday, May 7, 2012


Those of you ho know me well, know that I am into vintage and antique stuff.   Well, today I got a surprise from my husband and two kids.  

This year David and my anniversary is the same day as Mother's day, so today he and my son and daughter decided to go ahead and give me my Mother's Day/Anniversary gift.    I was beside myself!

I open my eyes to a 1925 Singer sewing machine in its original case and it works!   This little machine is beautiful to me.   It is all original from the cloth wire insulation to the cherry wood case.   There also was a wooden spool, the original bobbins and an ornate, gold and silver thimble.

I went to and put in the serial number and got my certificate of authenticity.  I also searched for a manual, but will have to call them tomorrow as they do not machine names for machines that early.  I will have to give them the serial number in order to find the manual.

David looked the case over inside and out and is pretty sure its cherry wood.

The Singer name looks like gold leaf to me.

Here it is....  This little baby has been used and that's part of its character.

In the years this was first used, you could get patterns for $0.15.

Then just four years later the stock market crashed and the Great Depression began.

It has beautiful scroll work, chrome on the head and  gold on the plate and wheel.

Here is the original electric and pedal.

Here's the thimble.  It is stamped Gold 10 and Silver.  I wiped it off, but was afraid to clean it with a jewelry cleaner... I didn't want to remove the patina.

I guess that's it.... to high on cloud nine now, to write about anything else.  :)

Have a terrific Tuesday!

God bless and keep you,

Beauty of Giving