Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Psalm to God

Father God I love you.

You picked me up in my darkest hour and like the sun shone light all around me.

You are my shelter in my tossed about life.

You are my comfort in my pain.

I am amazed by Your love.

You love me though I am unworthy and travel a winding path that leads me astray.

You love me though I falter, come what may.

I marvel at Your wisdom.

You guide me, test me and teach me each day.

I lift my hands in praise and thanksgiving

for Your wonderful creations,

and the blessing You bestow,

I praise You for the times of refinement,

When You mold me to Your will.

I praise You, Father God, above all else in this life.

You breathed life into me fourteen years ago.

I remember the darkness I was in before You redeemed me.

I remember the pit You showed me when I tried denying You again.

I thank You for that vision, for showing me where the path I was on was leading.

Because of Your saving grace I am now a child of Light, a free spirit to be committed totally to You.

My Creator, my Master, I long to be in Your presence.

Beauty of Giving