Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The 2011 Butterfly Quilt Adventure Continues...

8/28/10  9:30 a.m.   It's another beautiful Saturday.  A meeting is scheduled to begin.

Lanora gets up early so that she isn't late.
Sonia gets sidetracked watching Bob Ross paint on t.v.
Debbie heads out of town.
Joyce works until after noon.
Charlotte doesn't know it, but she has a hectic moment coming up.

Will this meeting happen?  But of course, the ladies will let nothing completely stop them.  They know steps need to keep moving forward in order to get the quilt done on time.

Lanora arrives first.  Sonia shows up shortly after.  Both thinking they are late only to realize they are the first to arrive.  They spread the fabrics out in their color schemes and prepare to begin cutting.

Charlotte arrives ready to work but receives a call soon after her arrival.

"I'm sorry ya'll but I have to leave.  I have to help my husband chase down a sick calf and give it a shot. I don't know how long it will take or if I'll be back." she said.

"I'll bring your stuff to you on Monday if you don't make it back today." Sonia said, as Charlotte went out the door.

Lanora and Sonia set about cutting the fabrics for the blocks. One cut at a time, the quilt project moves forward.  They accomplish a lot as times flies by.  Before they know it, it is lunch time and they are ready to eat.  They also realize they need a few supplies to make up kits for the blocks.

Charlotte makes it back.  She walks in with her lunch.  Success!  The calf was caught and the shot administered.

Sonia leaves to get lunch and supplies.  While she is gone Charlotte and Lanora finish cutting the last of the fabric.

After lunch the ladies begin assembling the kits for the pieced block.
Joyce arrives in time to help. 

They label the fabrics first then put them in resealable bags.  They will also have to add instructions for the block construction and make kits for the appliqued blocks.

They decide to meet again on September 11 to finish up the kits.  They will then hand them out at the next Logan County Piece Makers quilt guild meeting.

Good fellowship and progress makes a good Saturday indeed.

Until next time, keep stitching...

Beauty of Giving