Monday, November 23, 2015


UGH!  Static!

You know when you have static, hair standing on end or sticking to your face... well I had both today along with snaps and shocks every time I touched anything from plastic to metal.  No sliding or shuffling of feet needed, just minding my business and ZAP!
My drawing to picture it
On the way home this afternoon, I saw the moon low in the sky, hanging there like a big white agate. So when I got home I took a picture.

This morning, in my Bible reading, I read about Paul and Silas, being shackled deep inside a prison.  They prayed and praised the Lord as they were there and then the earth began to quake and all the prison doors and shackles came loose.  (Acts 16:16-40)

Then I heard a song on the way to work that spoke about praising until the shackles fall off.   I thought okay, there's got to be something there for me.  So when I got to work I used the sticky notes app on computer and made a sticky note to remind me to praise the Lord until the shackles fall off.


Beauty of Giving