Saturday, July 26, 2014

Finally done...

I'm happy to report I'm finally done with setting up my sewing/craft room.

This room use to be my son's bedroom. He left a couple of tables and a dresser behind.  He has moved out and what to do with an empty room?

I've been needing a sewing/craft room, thus his room became just that.

I couldn't quite make it completely all my room, so there are some remnants of Josh's stuff (stuff he left behind) in the room.  I'm very proud of him and am glad he is on his own journey of life, but I miss him and having some of his old stuff in the room just feels right.  Now understand he did not leave very much of his personal belonging behind, but I did find a few things. So as you enter the room, there is a small wall dedicated to him. :)

As you go on in, this is what you see.

The white cabinet holds the fabric and batting.

The dresser holds all yarns and the blue bin tower next to the dresser holds miscellaneous items needed, like chenille pipe cleaners, freezer paper, interfacing, oil for the sewing machines, etc.

Then as you pan to the right you will find my sewing/cutting table. The cutting portion of the table lifts up out of the way and locks to the wall when not needed.  The closet holds my ironing board, my serger, tote bags, totes of felt and holiday decorations and bags.

Pan back to the left of the white cabinet and dresser and you find my craft area.  This is where I will do writing, scrap booking, bead work or crafts other than sewing and quilting.  All of my patterns and books are here as well.  On the top shelf the two book ends for the writing books are football cups Josh donated, that are weighted down.  They work good as book ends.  :)

Over the years I have somehow collected bird houses.  Not sure how that got started but they go perfect in this corner.  I won the large wall hanging  in a drawing last year.  The neat thing is, the log cabin type bird houses have shelves and drawers.  So I am storing scented waxes for my candle warmer in the tall one.

I have realized during the process of setting the room up and doing some sewing in the past two weeks that the dark green carpet is going to be a chore to keep clean with all the threads, fabric and such.  So in the future, when I can afford it, I plan to replace the carpet with a hard surface, so that clean up will be easier.  For now though, it will work just fine... I will just have to vacuum more frequently.  :)

In the picture of the craft area, you will notice a white pan on the table.  It is an old cake pan I am recycling into a magnetic board to post ideas and such.  Today David helped me by sanding the pan and drilling holes into it for a ribbon I will use to hang it by.  Then we took turns spray painting it white.  It was one of those things... I would put a coat of paint on it then get busy and forget about it and he would go out and put a coat of paint on it.  In a day or two, I will finish decorating it and share it with you.  

It was nice to put the finishing touches on the room today, now I can get busy with what I enjoy doing.  My hobbies.

Here's wishing you a wonderful weekend!


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