Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Camera Ham...

I trust you have had an enjoyable Labor Day weekend. :)

I have certainly enjoyed the long weekend and the awesome thing is I'll have another long weekend next weekend too.


In a couple of blogs back, I posted just pictures and one of the pictures was of yarn.

Here is what I made with it. I used only a single crochet through out the body of it, then a double crochet for the border.

It was so cuddly the young lady I gave it to, truly liked it.


A batch of banana peppers and a few bell peppers.  

I took a nap yesterday and when I woke, I found this beautiful bouquet of flowers in the living room.  David had picked them from the flower bed and put them in a vase. 



Today, my side of the family had a cookout.  I got spend some time with my nephew and niece.  I took a few pics.   My nephew has a scraped up nose.  When I asked him what happened, his eyes got big and he told me "I was pushing my red truck real fast and then I fell down".  I learned that while he was pushing the truck it got away from him and he landed face down on the concrete.

Poor kid... but he is doing fine and has not slowed down any.

My niece was bashful at first, but then she realized I was taking a picture of her and she posed.  The little camera ham.  :)


I'll leave you with a quote.

" Take time to laugh.  It is the music of the soul." ~ Anonymous

God bless and keep you,

Beauty of Giving