Saturday, February 25, 2012


Hello All! 
I apologize for being away for the past 10 days.    My dad finally woke up today twice, after 10 1/2 days of sleeping.  He was able to be awake about 30 minutes both times.   That is an answer to prayers.   He is on his way to recovering now, though it may be slow. 

Here's how the past weeks have gone.

Last Monday: Surgery = eight hours.  He had 3 graphs and 23 laser cuts to his heart, so that new veins will be grown. 

Last Tuesday: his oxygen was lowered too much too fast, startled his eyes opened, unfocused and he grabbed the breathing tube, without searching for it, and pulled it and the feeding tube straight out and then threw them.  They tried to see if he could breath on his own, but decided later in the afternoon to put a CPAP on him.  He got very agitated and I was afraid he was going to break open his incisions.  So he was sedated again so that the breathing tube could be put back in.

He slept.

Last Friday: He awoke for about 5 minutes, long enough to focus on us and know who we are.  Then later in the night he bit his breathing tube in two.   So, he was sedated again and another breathing tube was inserted. 

He slept.

This Monday: his breathing tube was removed and he was given a tracheotomy, so that he could recover faster.  So he was sedated once again.  

He slept.

He was also put on pain medication and two broad spectrum antibiotics, because he came down with an infection and a bacteria growing in his blood.

He slept.

My dad has dementia and it takes him longer to recover, so being sedated so many times and being on the many medications, has had him sleeping very long.


Have a great weekend!

God bless and keep you,

Beauty of Giving